10 points to ponder

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1)   The majority of people think that lending standards need to be loosened to create homeownership and banking over-regulation needs to be rolled back.
2) It is not profitable to build entry level homes
3) Brick and mortar retail is shrinking in a myriad of ways and Open-air Lifestyle Centers are filling in for dead malls with mostly places to eat and drink.
4) New retail experience is a “touchy feely” experience before people go and buy online.
5) Baby boomers keep their houses and age in place.
6) Millennials want to buy homes but can’t afford them, yet.
7) The hedge funds will be exiting the housing market in stages and for the highest possible returns.  It is unlikely their sell-off will trigger housing depreciation, because that would be counter-productive.
8) Interest rates will be going up but our unsettled political climate may slow that process.
9) Realtors will remain “trusted advisors” event though the traditional brokerage model is changing.

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