Why hire an attorney for a real estate closing?

WHY HIRE AN ATTORNEY FOR A REAL ESTATE CLOSING? Sellers and Buyers often wonder why it is necessary to use an attorney at a real estate closing.  Besides the fact that it may be the most important investment you make in a lifetime, it is questionable whether initially, one realizes the enormous consequences of not being protected … Continue reading Why hire an attorney for a real estate closing?


The median price forecast indicates positive annual growth for July, August, and Septemberin both Illinois and the Chicago PMSA. In Illinois, the median price is forecast to change by8.6% in July, 9.8% in August, and 10.3% in September. For the Chicago PMSA, thecomparable figures are 9.5% in July, 11.8% in August, and 12.7% in September. … Continue reading Forecast