New Five-Star Review!

Beth Mann represented us during the sale of Parent’s family home. These are our thoughts on their service. Beth Mann is excellent at tracking down and dealing with issues • Identifying lenders that impede the closing process rather than moving it along • Responding to issues raised by the buyer’s attorneys • Timely coordination of the various entities involved in the closing process: Title company, underwriters, legal representatives, lenders, buyer, real estate representatives, etc. Beth Mann provides proactive, straight forward, insightful and timely communication with us (the seller) thru the numerous phases, twists and turns that are typical of a home real estate sale Beth Mann always, always answered the phone when we called with questions about the process. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.” – T. Earle Markes

To learn more about how we can streamline your real estate process, please visit our website! We are here to help you with your buy or sale!

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