“I have worked with Beth and her team for a few years with both purchases and sales in Chicago. ( I wish she handled every state) With every transaction, Beth and her team are exceptional with deadlines, details and ensuring everything is done correctly and in a timely manner. Being out of state and relying on a team is extremely important to me. Recently, I had a very complex closing where I was the seller and the deal almost did not close, a matter of fact it did not close. Beth’s attention to detail, she was able to catch details in the contract that worked to my favor. With Beth’s knowledge and going above and beyond, we were able to finally close. I am extremely grateful for Beth as this closing and others were not a simple close and we were able to close! Beth has continued to provide advice to me after closing on issues and providing direction. I truly rely on her expertise and recommendations. Finally, to have an attorney who is extremely knowledgeable, and respond in a quick manner, Beth is very efficient and always responds very quickly. Albeit I am in a different state, I feel the office is right around the corner and just an amazing team with their knowledge, efficiently, professionalism and attention to detail.” -Shawna B.

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