“What started off as a basic real estate purchased turned into a long drawn out process due to other parties involved.  However, Beth and her team got me through it! Throughout the entire process Beth was diligent, patient, thorough, knowledgeable and accessible.  Not only is she an excellent attorney, she is also VERY personable (which is a rarity in attorneys) and so is her staff. Most attorneys are also inaccessible, not Beth! Beth will either personally get back to you or have her staff promptly get back to you and her staff members are truly extensions of Beth and all very competent.  I would email or call about something and her team would be like its already taken care..and it actually was!!!  I knew I was experiencing stellar service, when Beth had to leave the country, but my file continued to be worked on and move forward. When you hire Beth not only are you getting a knowledgeable real estate attorney who will fully represent your best interests, you are also getting a counselor. Beth was very encouraging when I would get frustrated with all of the delays and set backs, which were out of her control. Beth is truly one of the hardest working people I have ever met!!!  If you value excellent customer service, open lines of communication, empathy, respect, and competence…you will love The Law Office of Beth Mann!!!” -KM

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