I have known Beth Mann for over 20 years, she was highly recommended by our realtor. After dealing with her and her exceptional staff she has become our family attorney for Real Estate. Beth has helped us with 6 purchases. Every closing went smooth, even with occasional bumps along the way to closing I never had a doubt everything would work out and there was never any problems, I have always felt comfortable with Beth at the closing table she explains everything and when you leave there is never any questions that are left unanswered.  Now, down to our last dealing with Beth last year. My brother passed away suddenly, we had to sell his house, he left the house in terrible condition with complicated back tax issues, I thought I would lose my mind, I was lucky to have Beth and her wonderful staff. She helped me with getting the taxes resolved to a quick and smooth selling of his property. I cannot say enough about Beth and her staff they are amazing and genuine. I cannot say enough to say how great she is. ~Susan Garza

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