SELLER Closing Checklist

__ Warranty Deed

__ Bill of Sale

__ Affidavit of Title

__ Illinois Real Estate Transfer Tax Declaration

__ Survey

__ Title Commitment

__ Title Invoice

__Wire Transfer instructions (if needed)

__ Power of Attorney for Property (if necessary)

__ City Transfer Declaration

__ Check to See if City/Village/Town has Pre-Closing Requirements (Inspections, transfer stamps, etc..)

__ Payoff Letter – Sellers Bank (Copy of Statement & SS #’s)

__ Closing Statement

__ Check County Treasurer for tax payment status

__ Broker Statement

__ Repair Receipts

__ Homeowner’s Association Paid Assessment Letter

__ Association 22.1 Disclosures

__ Seller Forwarding Address: __________________

__ Seller SS # or EIN #: _______________________

One thought on “SELLER Closing Checklist

  1. Beth, great reminder for what a Seller needs for a closing. Now how about a list for a buyer?
    (good info to have when a seller asks if they need an attorney for a closing)

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