Realtors: Here’s how you will beat the competition

3 steps to surging your summer sales

April 6, 2016
By John Davis

As buyers and sellers prepare for a hotly anticipated summer selling season, real estate agents must focus today on the results you want to achieve 90 days down the line.

In real estate, your activities determine your results – the value you deliver to clients, and the opportunities you create for yourself and your family.

To build momentum and generate big results this summer, you have to light it up today! The good news is that leading market indicators suggest a strong selling season.

And while there are few, if any, industries capable of matching real estate’s unlimited income potential, it’s an equal opportunity, unequal reward profession. To differentiate yourself and earn your unfair share, you have to be intent and purposeful about how you generate, control and grow your business.

In his book, the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary Keller laid out “The Three L’s” that are at the core of real estate success: leads, listings and leverage. Leads are how you generate your business. Listings are how you control your business. And leverage is how you grow your business.

Here are three simple steps to sizzling summer success this year:

Step 1. Lead generate

Whether the determiner of your success is accomplished through time or tasks, set a goal and nail it. Top agents block out three hours a day or more to lead generate. Others call hundreds of referrals or expired listings. Whatever the key is to generating future business in your business model, do it, do it well, and do it consistently.

Step 2. Convert

As everyone in sales quickly learns, it’s not enough simply to generate leads. You have to turn those leads into appointments. Know your numbers. Track your conversion rate. And get better at what you do every day. Even the best professional athletes practice. Even the most talented performers have coaches. Commit to being accountable. And commit to being learning based. Every lead you fail to convert is money you’re leaving on the table.

Step 3. Build market share

While 2016 is shaping up as a solid year for real estate sales, economists generally believe we’re in the late innings of a housing rally. The best way to prepare for the next market shift is to build market share in your local market today. You have the opportunity to build the habits and create the mindset that are going to help you outwork and out hustle agents likely to leave real estate during the next shift. Leverage training. Leverage tools. Do whatever you can to make you and your team stronger.

There are a lot of smart people in real estate. But no one has a crystal ball. We don’t know when the market will shift … or how severe it’s going to be when it happens. What we do know is that the market will shift.  And we know what has worked in the past.

Building market share today will better position you to not only survive the next shift, but to thrive. So instead of worrying about the next shift, focus on what you can do today to dominate your local market.

In a profession like real estate, where you’re entrusted with helping families with one of the biggest, most important financial decisions of their lives, and advising them throughout a complex process, you have a real and lasting opportunity to improve people’s lives. What’s even better is that the more successfully you help others succeed, the more you and your family succeed.

Real estate, at its heart, is a local business driven by agents and their personal relationships. The local level is the highest level. And that local level is where you have the opportunity to make the biggest impact. Think about this: No one can stop you from being No. 1. Your success is not dependent on what others do. It’s about what you do. You get to lay the groundwork to be No. 1.

So if you’re ready to have the best summer of your career, the formula is simple: Have your best spring. And don’t let up. Your activities this summer will fuel your performance this fall. And the intensity with which you tackle the 4th Quarter will set the stage for 2017.

Do yourself and your family a favor: Focus on leads, listings, and leverage so you can have a bigger, more productive, and more meaningful year. You’re in control of your business.

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