Cambridge, Maryland: American Flag and Black House Marc Bretzfelder, 07/29/2011

Two houses — one painted black, the other with stars and stripes — are a jab by a builder at design rules imposed by the local historical society.

House Painted Black, American Flag House


I am the owner of the home and would love to share my side of the story. I bought the black home after it caught fire — the owner did not want to deal with the “historical preservation commission” so he decided to demo the building and donate the property to habitat (for humanity). Luckily I knew the demo co. so bought this home and rebuilt the entire inside of it. Yes, the black house is beautiful inside, with brand new everything. This whole battle was personal, with individuals abusing their power. The bottom line — I’m a landlord they hate, also I own over ten properties in the historical area, and you should see them too, that would better show what my development company does.

[Branden Spear, 05/23/2012]

American Flag house. American Flag and Black House



The American Flag was enough to get everyone out of the car, even the angsty teen.

[Marc Bretzfelder, 07/29/2011]

American flag house. American Flag and Black House


Angry Contractor gets back at Historical Society.

The Historical Society has many rules in Cambridge, Maryland as to how an owner can do construction AND repairs. Story goes that a contractor was trying to do some repairs on his property and the Historical Society would not let him do it. Contractor finds out that they can not object to paint, so to get back at them for not letting him do repairs, he paints one of his properties black and the other as an American Flag.

[Tade, 02/02/2011]

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