Beth Mann 708-429-9999

Law Office of Beth Mann, PC
15127 S. 73rd Ave
Suite F
Orland Park, IL 60462

Your cost:     $ 295.00 credit card payment.
The bank pays a certain amount of legal fees and that is how we are paid when your deal closes.

Hire experience! It is necessary to hire an attorney for your short sale. Especially an attorney with a niche in the business. Plus, why worry and be burdened – we are here to make it painless.

Let my office do the work for you! Our dedication & professional service are unparalleled !

Our office has completed thousands of short sale closings. Our goal is to make the process uncomplicated, get you out of the deal without a deficiency judgment and have your credit impacted as little as possible. We make it smooth & painless. We are quick to respond and have worked with all banks.

Join thousands of others who have shed the burden this economy has imposed on all of us!  Call us now – 708-429-9999

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