Navy Seal Foundation

Why I am raising money for Navy SEAL Foundation (Tampa Bay Frogman Swim 2013)

Hi! My name Is Becca Mann and I am swimming the Frogman 5k to raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation. The Navy Seal Foundation is a charity that raises money for the fallen seals families. It is also one of the most helpful and thoughtful charities I have ever heard of.

I’m an elite athlete who has wanted to put use to my swimming for years. I swam at the Olympic Trials in June and finished 5th in the 800 freestyle and 400 individual medley, 6th in the 400 freestyle, and 10th in the 200 butterfly. I won the Berlin World Cup just a few months ago in the 800 freestyle. Last week I was in Istanbul for the World Championships and placed 6th in the 800 freestyle and 9th in the 400 IM. However, none of these accomplishments even compare to what I want to accomplish this year at the Frogman race. I want to help the families who have lost a dear family member; whether it’s brother, son, husband, or father who lost their lives for the sake that we can keep ours. Last year I swam the frogman race and raised $1000. My goal this year is to top that amount. Here is my reason why.

At last year’s Frogman swim I had the honor to meet some of the most amazing and brave people in the country. These men risk their lives every day when duty calls. They don’t act superior. They don’t brag. They don’t act like they’ve gone on incredible missions to keep us safe. They were not arrogant even though they had more than every right to be. No, the navy seals who I had the privilege to speak with were some of the most touching and kind men I have ever met.

It’s hard to think about the families who have lost a man close to them who was extraordinarily brave. A man who was brave enough to sacrifice the most precious gift of life to make sure that his country; his family, friends, and neighbors, will be free and happy. Even though we can’t bring that man back to his family, we still can help them.

Please help me raise money for the families of some of the most wonderful men in the nation who have died serving our country. No donation is too small and any help is appreciated. Please help the families of the brave men who have kept both you and myself safe.

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