Bank Overreaching: Water Shut Off Without Homeowner’s Knowledge!?

I received an interesting call today.  A woman is short selling her $139,000 real estate for $30,000.  She asked how the bank winterized her property without her knowledge.  The water is shut off; locks on the door.  I did inform her that it is possible the bank obtained the power from the adverse possession law which allowed them to shut her out of her property.  It is a safety net for banks foreclosing on debtors who throw up their hands and walk away from their properties – abandoning their properties.  She informed me she had not left!  Thus, she was going to begin to protect herself by putting a notice in the window stating that she was negotiating a short sale with the bank and that she is the owner of the property & take pictures of the notices.  Also, she was giving notice (with a picture) & warning that she was cutting off the lock if they didn’t come and remove it.

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